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Puggle (Pug Beagle mix) Wallpapers, Pictures & Breed Information

Puggle (Pug Beagle mix) Wallpaper
Puggle Wallpaper


Puggle (Pug Beagle mix)

Puggle (Pug Beagle mix)

Puggle (Pug Beagle mix)

Puggle puppy

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      About the Puggle (Pug Beagle mix) breed (Source Wikipedia.org)
      A puggle is a crossbreed between two breeds of dogs, a pug and a beagle. Puggles tend to be between 20 - 35 pounds, and 10–15 inches at the shoulders. While colors vary, and there are completely black as well as multicolored puggles, the vast majority are fawn colored with wrinkled black masks (similar to pugs), but with the longer body, slightly increased size, and longer nose and floppy ears associated with beagles. Because puggles are a crossbreed, the appearance of the breed is less predictable than that of a purebred dog, since there is a decreased ability to predict which attributes will be inherited from which parent. Puggles have a tail the length of a Beagle, but it is slightly curled like a Pug. Puggles can look a lot like a beagle and not like a pug at all. They can also look like a pug and not any beagle in it.

      As pets, puggles have the mild mannered yet playful "lap dog" qualities often associated with pugs, mixed with the more energetic tendencies typical of the hunting qualities of a beagle. A cheerful clown who loves to play but then quickly tires for a short nap, puggles are mid-sized dogs that make excellent housepets, and many puggle owners testify to their winning personality as one of their strongest points[citation needed]. Their playful disposition, however, makes them a bit slow to train and some can be extremely hyper, a trait they share with both pugs and beagles. They retain the friendly, lAID-back disposition of both breeds, but while their size makes them perfect for apartments, they need a bit more exercise and attention than some traditional apartment dogs (pugs included). Like most dogs, puggles also bark, and vary widely as to how often they bark. Some inherit the odd, nasal baying of beagles, a mix of a baying hound and the cooing of a pigeon (some say sounding like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins). That sAID, their barking is much more easy to deal with than most beagles, and many puggles are barely vocal at all. Puggles can be stubborn at times.

      It should be noted that while the above Temperament qualities are what is hoped for in the cross-breeding of a pug and beagle, since the puggle is a hybrid (and therefore not a true breed) there is no guarantee that the above traits will hold true in any particular puppy. Also, since the puggle is a hybrid, it is ill-advised to breed two puggles together as the resulting litter will bear little resemblance to its parents. Train your pup using Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer tips!

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