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    The content on this site currently can be broken down into 3 categories, the format (html code etc), the photos and the dog breed descriptions. All coding and formatting is copyright 321Dogs.com and this website may not be redistributed or copied in any manner.

    No photos are public domain. Some are owned and copyrighted by 321Dogs.com. Others are submitted by visitors, or requested of the photo owners, and used with express written permission and may not be redistributed without their express consent. If you want to use a picture found on this site you can contact us and we can probably forward you to the copyright owner. "321Dogs.com" might be placed on the photos to discourage unapproved distribution and to protect us and photo submitters but it does not imply that we own the copyright for that particular photo, rather that we are licensed to use it.

    Photos used from Flickr.com members are almost always used with express written permission from the copyright owners, which may or may not include using them under the Creative Commons license (any photos not used with express written permission are used under their respective CC license.) Flickr.com member photos are noted by "" followed by a link to their flickr home page underneath each picture. If you want to use their photos the best method is to contact them or find the photos and read about the respective creative commons license. 321Dogs.com does not claim to own the copyrights to any photos other than ones we own.

    Dog breed descriptions generally come from Wikipedia.org and are used under the GNU Free Documentation License and we link to each respective article where you can read more information.

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